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If you are led to help support our work, we greatly appreciate your involvement.  Your gift of any size will help us produce even more great programming and increase our distribution throughout the world.  Specifically, your contribution will be used for:

  • Greater Distribution – We will seek to increase our distribution of programming on more platforms around the world including broadcast, VOD, and networks like Roku.  We will invest into more distribution platforms, equipment, and airtime.

  • Language Translations – We will be creating subtitles for up to twenty-five world languages.  Our first focus will be getting all of our content translated into the top ten languages.  As we continue to produce programing, each video will be translated.  These translations will be used in the broadcasts as well as VOD.

  • Additional Equipment – As our production load increases, the need for additional production and editing equipment will be needed.  This will include converting all of our existing gear into the new 4K format for increased quality and longevity.

  • Crew & Support – An increased production schedule will require additional freelance crews, as well as graphics and editing support.

  • Travel – We will use your funds to travel more frequently for interviews and extra footage.  This will include international trips to showcase geology and biology around the world.

  • Increase Exposure – One of the valuable areas of funding is having a budget to help the worldwide audience be more aware of our content.  It's all about impressions and exposure.  Platforms like Facebook and Google will be utilized, as well as email blasts.

Special Note:  Awesome Science Media is not set up as a 501c3 non-profit corporation.  Therefore, we cannot offer a tax deduction on gifts from our donors.  

We have set up several ways for you to support our work:








We can also process a debit/credit card over the phone.  If you have any questions, please email us or call (360) 433-0767.

You can also mail checks to:

Awesome Science Media

7509 S. 5th St. Suite 101-A202

Ridgefield, WA  98642

Thank you for your interest in helping us to change the world with the message of the Creator!  Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to receive ministry updates.

Our Patreon site is where you can support us on a monthly basis and get some great rewards for your involvement. 

Use our special PayPal page to send us a donation or monthly gift.  PayPal can also process debit/credit cards from around the world.

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