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Episode 5: Explore Mount St. Helens

In this episode, Noah travels to one of the few active volcanoes in the contiguous United States to find out why it’s called, “God’s gift to creationists.” Through cataclysmic events back in the 1980s, similar geologic features worldwide can now be explained by the Flood using Mount St. Helens as a scale model. Noah explores each of these features at the mountain, including a huge lava cave and lava cast forests. The features found here can help us understand catastrophic processes that were thought by secular scientists to take millions of years taking only hours or days.

Learn How:
-The events at Mount St. Helens show rapid strata formation and erosion
-Other huge canyons such as the Grand Canyon, can be explained through catastrophic processes
-The massive coal beds were formed quickly during the Flood
-The catastrophe at Spirit Lake explains other petrified forests, like at Yellowstone
-God created life on earth to recover quickly after the Flood

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