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You can invite Kyle or Noah Justice to be a speaker at your next event.  You can also reach out to any of our featured experts through the links below.

Kyle Justice has spoken on several subjects at various home school conferences and creation conferences.  He incorporates video clips throughout his presentation.  Here are several subjects he has prepared presentations on:

How Our National Parks Show Evidence for the Flood

Using beautiful video and photos, Kyle & Noah Justice lead the audience through the national parks from a biblical worldview, showing how the Flood is the key for interpreting many of the geologic the features in these parks.  Parks include Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, and Yellowstone.


Empowering Your Family To Change the Culture

Kyle & Noah Justice share about how the Justice family is being strategic in producing creation science media to change the culture and the world.  They will provide the audience with helpful ideas on how each family can impact the culture for Christ. 


The Great Ice Age

Kyle Justice takes the audience on a visual tour of the west, from the Rockies to the Pacific, showing how the Flood provided the right conditions to produce a quick Ice Age after the Flood, and then how the ice melted catastrophically, all within a few hundred years.  He also shows how the rapid Ice Age explains many associated mysteries secular scientists are challenged by because they don’t believe in the global Flood.


The Heavens Declare

Kyle Justice uses amazing animations and graphics to share about the wonders in the heavens, the evidence for its young age, the truth about alien life forms, and takes on the “evidence” for the belief in our universe being billions of years old.  

The Basics of Video Production

Kyle will walk the audience through the basics of video production, including buying equipment, story-boarding, shooting techniques, lighting, sound design, editing, and distribution.

Producing and Distributing Your Own Video Programs

Kyle will walk the audience through the process of conceptualizing, creating, negotiating contracts, and distributing video products a person or family can produce and see income from them. 

Kyle & Noah have experience speaking to large and small groups.  Some of our customers include:

Christian Heritage Conference - Seattle

Oregon Christian Education Conference

Design Science Association

Museum of Creation & Earth History

View our speaking sample

To book Kyle and/or Noah:

Call 503-210-5530 or use our Email


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